TraumaCad enables surgeons to accurately template patient images, take measurements, and simulate the expected result prior to surgery. For over a decade, TraumaCad has set the standard in orthopedic digital templating.


TraumaCad offers different business modules tailored to your needs. All editions include automatically updated templates library, PACS integration, automatic calibration and image detection, and automatic software upgrades.


  • For multi user environment, Medium/Large Healthcare Facilities
  • Server-client software
  • Access anywhere within the hospital network
  • Joints, Trauma, Deformity, Pediatrics, Spine & 3D
  • Integrates with Quentry cloud service for image sharing


  • Monthly subscription for Small/Medium Healthcare Facilities and Personal use
  • Web based software
  • Access with any internet connected PC
  • Joints, Trauma, Deformity, Pediatrics, Spine & 3D
  • Secured Quentry Cloud service including 5GB storage & sharing


  • Complimentary with
    TraumaCad Web
  • HTML5 Web application
  • For iPad and any PC or Mac web browser
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Secured Quentry Cloud service including 5GB storage & sharing

TraumaCad Residents Program

Impress your attending. Template digitally.

Brainlab is pleased to offer TraumaCad Web digital
templating free of charge to qualifying residents.



    TraumaCad automatically detects the anatomical regions in x-ray images, thus saving surgeons valuable time when planning common procedures, including: relevant measurements, implant position and sizing, and simulation of post-operative results.



    The unique TraumaCad algorithm automatically detects calibration devices such as KingMark, VoyantMark and standard ball markers. The application determines the magnification percentage of the image, thus allowing precise measurement and appropriate template selection.



    With a single click, the Auto-Hip functionality automatically positions your preferred cup and stem, performs a virtual resection, and calculates the resulting leg length and offset.

  • plan a tkr quickly and easily

    plan a tkr quickly and easily

    Auto-Knee automatically positions resection lines to the AP view, determines implant sizing and position for both AP and LAT images, and visualizes the expected knee alignment on the AP view.



    Ease of use in comprehensive deformity corrections allows you to automatically visualize osteotomy results and limb alignment following CORA planning.



    TraumaCad automatically pushes new software releases & templates library updates to internet connected clients, providing you with quick and easy access to our latest updates.

TraumaCad is designed to provide a flexible PACS workflow that suits the enterprise or small private practice. Supporting the DICOM standard, TraumaCad can be integrated in the PACS viewer or launched independently.

Planned cases can be saved back to PACS as well as to local storage, or Quentry cloud services. This short and intuitive workflow can save you valuable planning time and improve intraoperative workflows.

TraumaCad offers an up-to-date templates library with over 3,000 implant families.

The library is automatically updated, ensuring you always have access to the most updated templates.
Customers' requests for new templates are free as part of TraumaCad templates subscription and handled with high importance.

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traumacad mobile

Moving forward with the latest technologies, TraumaCad is also available in a cutting edge mobile version, as an iPad® app, or via web browser on your PC or Mac®.

TraumaCad Mobile will allow you to plan Total Joint Replacement quickly and easily, using only a few gestures.

The Auto Hip and Knee functionalities simplify the workflow and can save valuable time.

We invite you to take your planning experience one step further with TraumaCad Mobile, sign up for a free trial today!

traumacad hip

TraumaCad is the leading software planning solution for joint reconstruction. It provides you with intuitive tools to digitally template and plan surgery as well as evaluate post-operative outcomes.

  • With a single click, the Auto-Hip functionality automatically positions your preferred cup and stem, performs a virtual resection and calculates the resulting leg length and offset.
  • Post-operative assessment tools determine stem and cup ante-version
  • User defined kits for implant selection

RI.HIP Navigation

TraumaCad is also fully and seamlessly integrated in Smith+Nephew RI.HIP NAVIGATION. Together they empower the surgeon with an assessment of individual patient pelvic tilt and a predicted view of the post-op AP X-ray in surgery.

Click here to download the RI.HIP NAVIGATION brochure

traumacad KNEE

Our latest release features an automatic Knee planning functionality, providing you with a quick method to perform TKR planning.
This feature automatically detects the anatomical regions in the image, positions resection lines to the AP view, and determines the template position and sizing for both AP and LAT images. Finally, it allows you to automatically create fragments to visualize the expected knee alignment on the AP view.

  • Automatic Knee Planning
  • Limb alignment analysis wizard
  • Knee outcome wizard
  • User defined kits for implant selection
  • Relevant measurement tools

traumacad upper limb

TraumaCad offers a complete database of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger prosthesis to plan various upper limb procedures, including standard and reverse shoulder replacement. Pre-define surgical kits with your favorite implants, and place them on the image with a single click.

  • Evaluate component size and attributes
  • Use common measurement tools

traumacad FOOT AND ANKLE

TraumaCad offers a variety of intuitive and easy to use wizards and measurement tools specifically designed for Foot & Ankle pre-operative planning.

  • The Foot Osteotomies Wizard allows you to perform a complete unilateral or bilateral Hallux valgus (bunion) assessment, compare the measurements to the normative standards, and to simulate the corrective osteotomy.
  • A variety of common measurement tools are available for use, including Hallux Valgus Angle, Intermetatarsal Angle, Distal and Proximal Metatarsal Articular Angle and Talar Tilt.

Visit our Education Center to learn more about TraumaCad various Foot & Ankle tools.

traumacad PEDIATRIC

TraumaCad was specially designed by pediatric orthopedic surgeons to provide doctors with intuitive tools to digitally template and plan surgery. The variety of wizards and measurements ranges from simple tools to comprehensive assessments, including limb alignment analysis and deformity corrections.

  • Comprehensive DDH assessment
  • Limb Alignment Analysis and deformity correction
  • Growth Calculator
  • Export measurements to database
  • Various measurement tools

traumacad DEFORMITY

TraumaCad sets the standard for pediatric and deformity planning, employing basic and advanced limb reconstruction concepts, including: corrective osteotomies, limb alignment, limb lengthening and internal & external fixation principles.

Easy-to-use wizards produce measurements and planning tools for deformity correction including external fixation, including:

  • Deformity analysis and correction planning. Measure multiple CORAs to automatically segment and align limb deformity.
  • Taylor Spatial Frame treatment:
    • Pre-operatively determine and visualize corrective procedures including ring templates.
    • Generate report file to be uploaded to for a prescription.

traumacad TRAUMA

Fracture planning is an important step in the operative management of any trauma treatment. TraumaCad's measurement tools and reduction tool provide a collection of pre-operative digital planning techniques for evaluating fractured anatomy and selecting the method of fixation.

  • Simulate fracture reductions
  • Size nails, screws, and plates
  • Evaluate and simulate the fixation of plates and nails

traumacad SPINE

TraumaCad's spine specific measurement tools and wizards support a robust collection of comprehensive measurement techniques for evaluating patients’ spine anatomy, implant sizes, osteotomies, and fragments.

  • Outcome based planning features allow you to simulate osteotomies, manipulate fragments, and determine implant sizes.
  • Use a variety of common measurement tools:
    • Cobb Angles
    • Vertebrae Labeling
    • Clavicle Angle
    • Coronal Balance
    • Sagittal Balance
    • Lumbar Lordosis Angle
    • Pelvic Radius Angle
    • Sacral Obliquity
    • Spine Slip Angle
    • Spondylolysthesis
    • T1 Tilt Angle
    • Thoracic Kyphosis Angle
    • Thoracic Trunk Shift

Education Center

Register to our Online Campus and learn how to use TraumaCad anytime and anywhere
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TraumaCad Deformity Course Part 3 - Taylor Spatial Frame
TraumaCad Foot Osteotomies Wizard
Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction with Dr. Noman Siddiqui - Flatfoot Deformity
Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction with Dr. Noman Siddiqui - Hindfoot Deformity
Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction with Dr. Noman Siddiqui - Hindfoot Varus Deformity
Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction with Dr. Noman Siddiqui - Bunion Correction
Using Digital Templating with Navigation
Introducing TraumaCad Mobile - The new standard in orthopedic pre-operative planning
Accuracy in hip arthroplasty templating

"Preoperative templating is resulting in an enormous increase in the accuracy of total hip arthroplasty and among various methods, KingMark is the most reliable method..."

"We have used TraumaCad for several years and find it an extremely useful tool both for pre-operative planning and training. As far as hip arthroplasty is concerned, our trainees are not allowed to undertake a procedure until they have planned it using TraumaCad.
The software is user friendly, intuitive and produces a report which is an important part of the patient record. In revision surgery, pre-operative planning is further enhanced by the opportunity to plan using TraumaCad."

Mr. Philip Mitchell MBBS BSC(HONS) FRCS (TR & ORTHO) St George’s University Hospitals, UK

"TraumaCad Digital Templating has changed our workflow very positively. In our increasingly busy healthcare environment, TraumaCad allows images to be sent to us directly, rather than having to go to the surgeon's office during clinic hours to template (for surgeons who count on reps to template).
With TraumaCad, cases can be templated, conveniently... even after hours!
TraumaCad saves us time, it's accurate, and it is a professional, value-added service. Surgeons appreciate the accuracy of TraumaCad and seem to like the notations field which can be seen on the bottom of the images."

Mr. Clare Charron, Sales Manager Smith & Nephew, KY, USA

“I have been delighted with the TraumaCad software. More importantly the customer service is exceptional. My specific needs have been addressed. Service has always been prompt, helpful and exceptionally friendly. Other companies would do well to learn from the example Brainlab sets. As always the service from the TraumaCad Team is second to none.”

Dr. Julian Stoddart Good Bones Orthopaedics Ltd, New Zealand

“Preoperative planning is crucial for a good, reproducible result. For me, TraumaCad offers that possibility.“

Prof. Dr. Heiko Graichen, Medical Director Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, Germany

“TraumaCad is an excellent tool to supplement case preparation. I find it especially useful for templating challenging cases to confirm appropriate femoral head size prior to scheduling. The ability to access, and template, the images from anywhere is a great concept.
Everybody seems to appreciate the simplicity of the process. Imaging staff have commended the ease of installation/upload, and my surgeons value being able to walk into cases with enhanced information. The accuracy and consistency in measurement far surpasses my results when utilizing standard acetate templates."

Mr. Rick Mason, Sales Representative Smith & Nephew, IL, USA

"TraumaCad is an excellent planning software program. The patients and their families love seeing the before and after reports. TraumaCad is a teaching tool. Preoperative planning is paramount for resident education and surgeon preparation. It is an excellent way to work through the surgery to produce the best outcome for the patient."

Dr. Louise Reid Nichols Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children, DE, USA

"We have had TraumaCad for a few years now and it has been outstanding. I remember being very impressed when the software was initially presented to us. It has more than lived up to my expectations! Firstly it is very easy to use and intuitive. It is highly accurate when used in combination with the KingMark calibration or other known marker. I have been able to template a wide array of implants when considering different options during pre-op planning. All my colleagues have been extremely happy with it and I can honestly say I have not heard of any issues with its use. I would definitely recommend TraumaCad software to any hospital updating its templating capabilities."

Mr. Lawrence O’Hara, FRCS Specialist in hip and hip revision surgery Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK

"I have been an early adopter of TraumaCad and this was driven by necessity. Firstly, I live and work in a fairly remote area so I have to have the confidence that before I committed my patients to surgery I had the correct sized components on the shelf. Secondly, as you are aware we have multiple trays of instruments for joint replacement surgery and if I can accurately determine the component size then I only open the specific jigs for that patient and this significantly reduces the inventory for surgery. I have reached the stage where I now feel insecure if I don't have this kind of information pre operatively. We also have good radiographers who take good x-Ray's with the relevant markers. The whole process has now become easy and routine."

Dr. Pradu Dayaram, Orthopedic Surgeon West Coast District Health Board, New Zealand

"We use TraumaCad for all major reconstructive cases. The support from the TraumaCad team has been extremely valuable using the reverse planning method in digital planning. Additionally, the TraumaCad team has made a great effort providing educational activities in digital planning for young Trauma surgeons in Denmark."

Dr. Søren Kold, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

"The richness of TraumaCad’s template library, enabled the software’s rapid adoption by the entire surgical team, who quickly abandoned any other planning method. The ease of use of this software and its predictive reliability have resulted in a dramatic simplification of the planning workflow. This progress is now much appreciated by all stakeholders of the Arago Clinique, including radiologists, surgeons and operating theater staff."

Dr. Philippe Lapresle Clinique Arago, France

"TraumaCad helps me to complete an important step in my preoperative planning and provides me with a time stamped, digital record for future review."

Mr. Richard E Field PhD FRCS FRCS (Orth) St. Anthony's Hospital, UK

"I have been using TraumaCad since 2005 and I can easily say that it is an essential tool for every orthopaedic surgeon/department. It caters to trauma planning, joint arthroplasty and deformity planning. It even has clever tools for paediatric orthopods. I have seen other products in the market before buying it for our institute and I found no other planning software as comprehensive as TraumaCad."

Mr. Om Lahoti, MS(Orth), Dip N B (Orth), FRCS (Orth), FRCS (C) Kings College Hospital, UK

"We have been working with TraumaCad for three years and we have to say it has always been an effective customer/provider partnership. Engineers and technicians are prompt in their replies, available for their customers and technically efficient. We can trust them. And it is a critical point, especially in a medical environment where patients are the critical elements of this partnership. That is what makes them one of our best providers. We strongly recommend TraumaCad, without any hesitation."

Pierre-François REGAMEY, CIO Magali LABORDE, Medical Imaging Products Manager University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland

"Yale-New Haven Hospital uses the TraumaCad application for orthopedic templating. It is essential that we have reliable product support for the application. TraumaCad’s support team is comprised of IT professionals who specialize in specific products. When I communicate with TraumaCad’s product support, my issues are resolved and questions answered in timely fashion. "

Thomas Mooney, Clinical Imaging Analyst Yale-New Haven Hospital, CT, USA

"A workflow solution like this gives our orthopedic surgeons and fellows improved access to digital templating and enables us to spend more time with our patients, something we always strive to do."

Ramin Khorasani, MD, MPH Vice Chair, Department of Radiology; Director, Quality, Safety and Medical Imaging I.T.; and Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MA, USA

"Our orthopedic surgeons at UPMC Mercy can now digitally plan their surgeries at a time that is convenient to them, with complete access to all necessary x-rays and advanced planning tools. This allows the surgeon to more accurately predict the type and size of prosthetic implants, and is proving to be a clinical advantage."

Rasu B. Shrestha, MD, MBA, Medical Director for Digital Imaging Informatics UPMC Mercy, PA, USA

"OrthoCarolina has been in partnership with Brainlab since July 2007. During this time, their customer support and product development have been superior and sets the standard for other vendors to aspire to. Brainlab is a very integral component of OrthoCarolina’s ability to provide the highest level of orthopedic care to our patients. We look forward to continuing our partnership, upcoming innovations and outstanding customer support."

John Alexander R.T. (R) (CT) CPC, Radiology Systems Administrator OrthoCarolina, NC, USA

"TraumaCad is a very sophisticated software system which makes my life as a deformity surgeon so much easier. It is easy to use and has a modern clear interface. For planning and templating in orthopaedics, there really is no point looking elsewhere."

Mr. Michael Uglow MB BS, FRCS (Tr & Orth) University Hospital Southhampton, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"TraumaCad will allow busy orthopedic surgeons to much more precisely plan for joint-replacement surgery."

Andrew S. Holmes, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA


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